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The Johnstown region of Colorado is home to over 3,000 different households, and each of these households is run by different individuals with different needs for lawn care and landscaping maintenance. At CLC Landscaping & Irrigation, we are committed to bringing each and every one of these Johnstown area homes the lawn care they want and deserve, and our services encompass everything having to do with lawns, landscaping, and maintenance or installations.

If you’ve recently purchased a home in the Johnstown area, and you’re without a landscape or the landscape you want, we can help to design and install the outdoor area of your dreams within your home’s property. With our professional services, you can take any landscaping dream you may have and make it a reality by discussing with us your ideas for design and your wants for your property and your lawn. Once your landscape is installed, we can also help to maintain the property and keep it looking its best all throughout the year. We realize that schedules can get busy, and homeowners within the Johnstown area may have less time than anticipated to keep up with their lawns, but with our services you can rest assured that these tasks can be taken care of for you and to the highest possible standard.

If your lawn requires a winterization for the coming cold months, we can also help to complete these jobs as well. Whether your landscape is one of our creations, it is one you’ve built yourself, or it was inherited when you purchased the home, we can make sure your area is prepared for the winter to come. The Johnstown area will often see some very cold temperatures as the summer winds down into fall, and as the fall becomes winter, so it’s important to protect your lawn and save its health for the spring to come.

The Johnstown region of Colorado is a beautiful one, and it is no surprise that so many homeowners want to keep their lawns up to par with the beauty of the area. At CLC Landscaping & Irrigation, we can help you to keep your lawn in its best shape throughout the entire year, whether you require a winterization or an entirely new landscape overhaul. If your Johnstown area lawn or landscape could use some care, we recommend you call us at CLC Landscaping & Irrigation today to get started!

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