At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we recognize that there are specific issues that come up with every homeowner when winter rolls around. Winter can be the cause of several feet of snow, so it’s a good idea to begin your winterization plans early.


What is “winterization”? With us, you can rest assured that your property will be completely protected by all the harsh challenges that winter could offer. We take care of everything in and around the property to ensure snow, ice, and cold temperatures won’t menace you.


Lawn Winterization Is Critical For Ensuring The Overall Health Of Your Grass


Great Colorado lawns run into all kinds of trouble throughout the year. During the summer, they can get parched and experience very little rainfall. Most great lawns in the area have to benefit from sprinkler systems or they will quickly die out or become uneven.


There are just as many threats to your lawn in winter, however.


Winterization of your lawn should begin at the end of summer so that all of the necessary steps can be taken. That means taking a close look at the overall health of the lawn, including the pH level of the soil and how much water it has gotten.


It may also be important to use treatments, such as fertilization and other chemicals, to help support your lawn during the winter season. Your lawn doesn’t “hibernate” when it gets cold: It needs assistance with locking in nutrients and maintaining its overall well-being.


Winterization Today Is Key To A Better Spring And Summer Lawn Tomorrow


The earlier you get started on winterization, the better the effects will be for your lawn. If you want to ensure that your lawn will continue looking great later on in the year, winterization is absolutely critical.


If you want to see your lawn grow back lush year after year, it’s a good idea to plan for winterization each and every winter. You never know just how harsh the Colorado winter will be, so always be prepared.


Of course, CLC can also help you with a wide variety of other issues that will assist you in making sure that your property remains “home sweet home” in the winter. We do snow removal, de-icing, and a wide variety of other winter tasks for both people and plants.


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At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we always emphasize the importance of winterizing your property when it comes to maintaining a green, lush lawn and safe outdoor spaces for your home.


Winterizing your lawn means preparing it for the low levels of water and nutrition that are common during the winter months, as well as ensuring that it is adequately protected from the harsh winter weather.


However, you might not know that your sprinkler system should also be winterized in order to get the maximum possible benefit from it throughout the winter and into the warmer months.


The most important techniques in a sprinkler winterization including draining and blowing the sprinklers out. This can help to ensure that water will not freeze in the system during the winter.


Naturally, you generally shouldn’t use your sprinklers in the winter after a blow-out.


Wondering Whether Winterization Your Sprinklers Is Right For You?
Winterization is critical for sprinklers since it helps to ensure that damage won’t lead to leaks. If you choose not to winterize your sprinklers, be extra careful in examining your sprinklers once you start using them in the warmer seasons.


Any of the following symptoms suggest you may need sprinkler repair:


1) Your Water Bill Is Creeping Up

A spike in the water bill can indicate that the sprinklers are leaking somewhere in your lawn. Be sure that you haven’t used an unusual amount of water in things like bathing and washing clothes before you decide your sprinklers may be the culprit, though.


2) There Are Brown Patches In Your Lawn

If part of your sprinkler system is located under your lawn, then brown patches can indicate a small area where a leak is taking place. Although most grass is hardy and resilient, overwatering due to a leak will kill grass within a very short time.


3) You Notice A Difference In Water Pressure In Your Traditional Sprinklers

It can be difficult to notice when “drip” irrigation sprinklers are not performing to specifications, but traditional sprinklers easily give away the game. If you are used to a strong jet of water for your traditional sprinklers and aren’t seeing it, a problem is almost certain.


The best way to protect your sprinkler system from any of these issues is to ensure that you have fully winterized it before the temperature drops too far. Touch base with CLC today to discover more about our services.