Hardscaping To Create A Personalized Home Atmosphere

Not only do we do landscape designs and installations at CLC Landscape & Irrigation, but we do hardscape designs as well, and you may be surprised by just how you can transform your property by a uniquely designed hardscape installation. Not only do hardscape installations provide your area with a unique look, but they can be used to help curb flooding and erosion as well, making this one property choice that should always be considered when a desired landscape is being crafted.


Hardscapes differ from landscapes as they are built and crafted by materials such as stone or wood, rather than natural elements like grass, earth, or gardens. Some of the hardscape installations and builds we provide at CLC Landscape & Irrigation are:


  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Walkways


A hardscape installation can help to make your landscape work more efficiently for your property, and they can help in making entertaining family or friends easier and more enjoyable, but it all depends on the hardscape installation elements you choose. For entertaining, a deck or patio hardscape installation can give you a place within your property where you can host cookouts, watch the children play, relax in the sun, or simply enjoy your dinner outdoors, and these can really add a great deal of value, both personal and monetary, to your home. With these types of hardscapes, they can also provide a great deal of benefits if you’re looking to sell your home, as they allow an extra perk for potential buyers.


Walkways can help to give your family or guests a way to get to your front, side, or back door while avoiding your freshly landscaped lawn. In cases of inclement weather, these areas can also provide a dry and safe area for you to get from point A to point B, as you won’t need to worry about getting your feet wet or muddy as you go to and from the inside of your home. Walkways are also much easier to shovel, salt, or sweep during the winter, so getting in and out of your home can be made much more convenient.


Another hardscape installation we perform is retaining walls, and these are often necessary in cases of sloped Colorado properties. When rain causes flooding or erosion within your yard, retaining walls can provide strength and structure to the area, helping you to keep your landscape safe from the abuses of the elements.


At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we perform all types of Colorado hardscapes and hardscape design, and we can use our professional experience to turn your hardscaping dreams into a reality. If you’re looking to have hardscaping done on your Colorado property, contact us today to see how you can get started.

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