Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Sprinkler Design

Your property needs all of the right care in order to look its best, and water is a vital part of the process. But in Northern Colorado, the spring and winter months can be very dry, with average precipitation of less than a half inch common in the winter. The summer and fall aren’t much better, with less than 1.5 inches of rainfall being common. That’s why you’ll need to consider sprinkler installation if you really want your property to look its best.

We’re experts in irrigation systems and sprinkler installation, and our team of landscaping professionals has years of experience in the installation and maintenance of sprinklers, even in very large scale commercial settings. We handle sprinkler installs that are much larger than many landscaping companies in the area will take on, and we make sure that we meet your needs perfectly when we do so.

There are several different sprinkler and irrigation systems to choose from, and we can install, repair, or maintain any of them for you.

  • Drip Irrigation Systems – These systems use drip hoses that lay close to the base of plants and slowly drip water out. They don’t have the spray-style design of other systems and are great for large plants or vegetable gardens.
  • HOA Lawn Sprinkler Systems – Lawn sprinkler systems for Homeowners Associations could involve any of the other types of systems, but are generally in a larger scale since they could involve HOA common areas, roadsides and entryways, and more.
  • In Ground Irrigation Systems – These systems are usually what most think of when they consider sprinkler systems. The hoses that feed the sprinklers are buried underground, but the sprinklers themselves are exposed and administer the water needed to keep a property hydrated.
  • Subsurface Lawn Irrigation – A subsurface drip irrigation system is usually similar to a drip irrigation system except that the lines are buried a few inches underneath the ground. They still deliver a slow, measured amount of water to the area, but the hoses that do so aren’t visible to anyone.
  • Micro Sprinkler Irrigation – A micro sprinkler system will involve small, miniature versions of larger sprinklers. They’re often used as a complementary addition to drip irrigation systems, but could also be used on their own in some situations.