Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an important part of the built landscape of many outdoor areas. Your lawn or garden could benefit from retaining walls for any number of reasons. Likewise, if you miss the chance to use retaining walls, soil erosion or other issues can impact your lawn.

Retaining walls are most frequently used when sloping terrain is at risk of wind or water erosion. If sloped terrain is not properly attended to with retaining walls, then it can be difficult for most plants to take root and flourish. Weeds can also be attracted to this terrain.

Typically, retaining walls will include seepage holes so that any ground water retained by the walls can continue to flow and escape. This way, you avoid pressures that could ultimately damage your retaining wall and bring you back to square one

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Retaining Walls Are Useful And Can Look Great, Too

There are many different materials that can be used for a retaining wall. When using stone and concrete, you can give the retaining wall a lovely, natural appearance that most people across Colorado greatly prefer.

It is important that your retaining wall be able to stand up to the long-term pressures that Mother Nature will create. Wood, of course, is rarely appropriate for a retaining wall because wooden walls can gradually rot when exposed to moisture over time.

However, a sturdy, well-built retaining wall can provide a great deal of aesthetic appeal to your space. Some people like to have climbing ivy and similar plants growing on or around their retaining wall. When handled carefully, these plants will not weaken the walls.

If you are having trouble getting plants to grow, wind may be a factor. Let us evaluate your space and help you decide whether a retaining wall is right for you. We can also help you to look at other options that can improve the health of your lawn.

Get Started With Your Retaining Wall Today

When used in combination with aeration, fertilization, and other methods, a retaining wall can be a great, strategic way to improve the look of your lawn. We have built and installed beautiful retaining walls for people all throughout Northern Colorado.

If you are interested in hearing more, we can’t wait to help you. Call or email CLC Landscape & Irrigation to find out more about our retaining wall services. Need an answer fast? Just fill out your information in the form below.