Tree Pruning And Removal

With the fierce weather that can crop up around Colorado in the winter, tree pruning and removal can be the key to keeping your house safe and secure. Trees that become overburdened or have damaged root systems can fall over, causing tremendous damage to your property.

If you are concerned about the way a tree is looking, let the team at CLC Landscape & Irrigation help you protect your property and family. We can evaluate the health of a tree, eliminate unsightly and overhanging branches, or even remove an entire tree.

A Pruned Tree Makes A Good Neighbor

Is a tree on your property showing any of the common warning signs of needing a trim?

If a tree’s foliage appears to be uneven or the trunk seems to be tilting to one side, then it may be only a matter of time before it falls over. If it falls, it can cause significant damage to your home and any surrounding properties.

If your tree is beginning to grow in the direction of power lines, it is a good idea to get it cut back right away. Likewise, if you notice that leaves are falling on the property of a neighbor, maintaining good relations may mean cutting the tree back.

Prune Or Remove? You Decide

Very rarely, trees might become infested with pests, rot, or diseases that will eventually make them dangerously unstable. If you have noticed that the bark of your tree has changed color recently, or the bark has a “shredded” appearance that suggests pests, removal may be the safest option.