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Repairing Faulty Sprinkler System Valves

Have you been noticing an unusually high amount on your water bill lately? If you have checked all the usual suspects — faucets, toilets, washing machines, dish washers — to no avail, it could be your sprinklers that are the problem.

Faulty sprinklers can lead to a tremendous amount of wasted water. It can happen “all at once,” which is easy to spot, or it can come as the result of slight leaks in your sprinkler heads that might not be noticed for months.

In either case, you should get your sprinkler repair done right away in order to prevent huge bills for watering your lawn. When you work with CLC Landscape & Irrigation, you know that you’ll get repair at a reasonable rate — far less than you might waste with broken sprinklers!

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  • Starting at $60.00/hr.

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How Do You Know If You Need Sprinkler Repair?

It can be hard to tell when sprinklers break down, and your first warning might be your water bill the next full month after it happens. However, if you visually inspect your sprinklers and lines as they are in use, you may be able to spot a problem.

The easiest problem to notice is a hole within the line itself. Water pressure will go down, so you may have no water coming from the affected sprinkler head. In this case, the line will have to be repaired or replaced.

Sprinkler heads can also leak directly. If you are familiar with the amount of water your sprinkler heads use and the way they look in operation, you can spot signs of a leak. A damaged head may leak water under the sprinkler head itself.

If your lines are already buried, then look for signs of overwatering where the lines are located. A damaged or leaking link will usually saturate the terrain just above it. You may be able to verify this by gently examining the top layer of dirt for signs of saturation.

At CLC, we have the most experienced team of sprinkler experts. Our staff members are familiar with all of the major brands and types of sprinkler — we have installed them all throughout the Northern Colorado region, including  Windsor, Fort CollinsLoveland and Greeley.

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