Weed Control

Weed Control

Within a very short time, weeds can crop up on your property and decimate once healthy grasses, shrubs, flowers, and even trees. Once you have weeds in your lawn, it can be incredibly tough to get rid of them — especially in Northern Colorado!

Well, whether you are in Weld, Boulder, Larimer, or anywhere else in the CLC Landscape & Irrigation service area, we can provide the help you need to get rid of weeds fast! We have all of the latest methods for stopping weeds in their tracks!

Weed Removal From The Professionals Who’ve Served Colorado For Years

In order to get rid of your weeds, we will first have to evaluate the situation in detail. That means closely examining the current state of your property, what’s growing, and what’s not growing.

There are many different methods that might be used to control your weeds, depending solely on what we find and what will work best. All of our methods are environmentally safe.

Once we have a complete picture of what’s going on in your property, we’ll begin our weed removal and deliver results within a short time. After that, you can partner with us for ongoing weed prevention services or just get professional advice from our team.

What Methods Do We Use To Get Rid Of Weeds On Your Property?

Weeds are a tough enemy, but we can get rid of them for you. There are several different approaches, which we combine to provide the best quality of service for your situation.

Manual removal of weeds is one method that any home gardener is familiar with. By manually removing as many weeds as we can, we prepare the ground for more advanced methods. We can provide mowing, hand pulling, tillage, and much more.

Weeds can be eliminated by poisoning them. However, it’s important to use an environmentally safe weed control agent so that the other things growing on your lawn are not affected. In addition to chemical agents, we also have natural weed control alternatives.

Once Your Weeds Are Removed, Keep Them Gone For Good

No matter how long weeds have been around, keeping them out is a long-term challenge. With the team from CLC Landscape & Irrigation on your side, you can rest assured that weeds will be kept under control.

Let us develop a long-term lawn maintenance plan that will give your lawn a fighting chance against weeds. Call, email, or use our convenient contact form below to reach out to us now.