Lawn Aeration Service

in Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley Colorado.

If you’re in WindsorFort CollinsLoveland or Greeley Colorado and you want to enjoy a beautiful, green lawn, aeration could be the key to reaching your goal. Many people, especially new residents in the area, find that it’s difficult to maintain a lush lawn thanks to thatch that grows freely. Thatch can cut down on the vital air and nutrients that your lawn needs, making it difficult for grass to grow and remain green and healthy.

In order to combat this problem, many homeowners start with fertilization. However, fertilizer and over watering can actually make the situation worse. What you need is aeration from a professional landscaping company that you can trust.

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Aeration Services Restore Your Lawn to Lush Greenery In No Time

During Aeration, experts from CLC Landscape & Irrigation will punch small holes into the soil of your lawn. These holes make it easier for oxygen to travel throughout the lawn all throughout the day and night, supporting the natural processes that make it beautiful and green.

Aeration is critical if your home is newly constructed. Topsoil is often damaged during the long process of getting your home built. Improving the quality and health of the topsoil through aeration is an important step for restoring the grass you want.

If your lawn feels spongy and dry, then odds are good that thatch is damaging your grass. You can check for this by shoveling up a small layer of about four inches of the lawn. When there is a thatch problem, the thatch will be more than about one half inch.

Aeration Makes It Easier To Maintain Your Lawn In The Future

No matter why you may need aeration, it is a good idea now and in the future. Aeration has long term benefits that will help support healthy, vibrant, and resilient grass. Even if the weather is harsh, you can still maintain a beautiful lawn in WindsorFort CollinsLoveland and Greeley, Colorado.

At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we are the experts when it comes to aeration. Don’t settle for a less experienced contractor who runs the risk of damaging your lawn during an aeration procedure. With years of experience, CLC provides you with the expertise you want

Don’t wait: Every moment that your lawn spends without proper aeration can lead to long term damage. Contact CLC today to make your appointment or get more information on how we can help your lawn thrive.