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Much like the lawn, sprinkler systems will need winterization, too. In the regions of  WindsorFort CollinsLoveland, and Greeley Colorado,, temperatures can reach below freezing relatively quickly during the cold winter months, and this will require all sprinkler systems to be blown out in order to avoid freezing and the need for repair. At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we make sure to blow out your sprinkler systems in a way that saves them from the cold that is to come, thereby protecting them from freezing or bursting at any time during the year.

When winterizing your sprinkler systems, the first step is to drain the system of any excess water which may be held inside. This water is what will often cause the systems to freeze during the coldest months of the year, and it must be removed if you are trying to avoid having your sprinkler system damaged. Due to the small amount of precipitation this region of Colorado experiences, sprinklers are an oft needed landscaping accessory if you want your lawn to remain in optimal condition, but these systems must be winterized if you wish for them to work just as efficiently the following year.

After the sprinkler systems have been drained, the next step is to have them blown out by a Colorado sprinkler professional like ours at CLC Landscape & Irrigation. The average home air compressor is not strong enough to sufficiently blow out the lines of a sprinkler system, so it is always best to leave this job up to the professionals. At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we will first hook up a commercial sized compressor to the drain or backflow preventer in order to push all of the remaining moisture out of the sprinkler system through the sprinkler head.

After a blow-out has been performed on your sprinkler system in an effort to winterize your lawn care, it is recommended that it not be turned on again until the following spring season. Even during warmer winter or fall days, it could cause water droplets and moisture to get back into the system, placing it at risk for freezing once again.

Sprinkler systems are common in Colorado due to the levels of precipitation the state receives, and these must be winterized to be kept in optimal working condition. If your sprinkler system could use a blow-out as part of your winterization routine, contact us today at CLC Landscape & Irrigation, and we will be happy to help!

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