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There’s something about Northern Colorado that just makes it a destination for outdoor lovers. Thanks to the nearby Rocky Mountains and locations like Fort Collins, which was named Money Magazine’s Best Place to Live in 2006, there’s plenty to see and do here. The scenery is incredible, and being outdoors is a passion of most who call the region home – including us here at Carter’s Lawn Care Inc.

That’s why we take so much care to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy every second they spend outside. Whether you’re in charge of a Homeowners Association or a commercial property, we can help improve the attractiveness of your outdoor areas and improve their ambiance. It helps make the property more desirable to potential residents, tenants, or guests and will ensure that everyone who visits or passes by has a positive experience while staying there.

Here’s a look at just some of the different ways we keep your properties great for those outdoor events.

Decks – Decks have become a must for anyone who loves outdoor life, and our team can install any size deck in any location to take your get-togethers outside in the open air.

Fences – Decorative or functional fencing can help to complete the look of any outdoor area, and we specialize in fencing solutions of any kind.

Retaining Walls – While they may be required to control erosion, retaining walls don’t have to be ugly. With the right materials and a skilled hand, retaining walls can become a desirable feature in your outdoor area. We are experienced at installing all types of retaining walls.

Outdoor Living Designers in Windsor Colorado

Outdoor Lighting Designer Windsor Colorado CLC Landscape and Irrigation

Outdoor Lighting

Looking for outdoor landscape lighting? Outdoor lighting can be a terrific solution to help you make the most of your outside areas.

Water Features For Backyards Windsor Colorado CLC Landscape & Irrigation

Water Features

Water features like ponds, streams, and waterfalls can become the primary focus of your backyard and one of the best ways to improve on it.

Design Your Own Fire Pit for the Back Yards in Windsor Colorado - Clc Landscape and Irrigation

Fire Pit Design

In Northern Colorado, Firepits can add tremendous character to an outdoor space while also providing the area with many practical benefits.

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