Lawn Winterization

Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley

With winter coming right around the corner, it’s important to prepare your lawn for the rough weather ahead. Colorado is one of the most difficult states for great landscaping, as it encompasses 5 different USDA hardiness zones, and can reach negative temperatures regularly during the winter months.

At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we strive to provide you with lawn care and winterization that can allow your lawn area to muscle through these vastly chilly winter months while coming out on the other side beautiful and undamaged.

At CLC Landscape & Irrigation, we know how important it is to start early when winterizing your northern Colorado lawn, and as soon as the summer begins to wind down, it’s time to begin thinking about how you can keep your lawn undamaged throughout the coming cold months. By starting early, your lawn will be able to harbor more nutrients it has gained throughout the summer, keeping your soil healthy for the following year to come. If the wait time is too late, the soil may have already lost too many nutrients to make spring planting a smooth endeavor, so we always recommend your winterization processes to begin as the summer starts to wind down.

We at CLC Landscape & Irrigation know how to keep your lawn looking its best all year round, and we are happy to start on your winterization processes as soon as possible. By calling us during the end of the summer months, we can address the pH levels of your soil, aerate your lawn, and apply a high quality winterizer in an effort to best prepare your lawn for what the coming seasons may have in store. With our services, you’ll find that your lawn not only looks better come spring, but it will also behave better, allowing you easier and more successful garden or lawn growth.

WindsorFort CollinsLoveland, and Greeley, Colorado have some infamously rough winters, and these winters can wreak havoc on your lawn. By relying on us for your lawn care, you can rest assured that the winterization process has not only been completed in time, but completed to the best possible standard, so your lawn will remain looking its best for many years to come. As the summer evenings begin to grow cooler, and you’re considering winterization for your lawn, contact us at CLC Landscape & Irrigation today to see what we can do for you.

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